Google Ads Management & Training

Google Ads Management

Would you like to look into the minds of your customers?

While you are sleeping, people are searching for the product or service you offer. But will they find your business?

I’ve heard it said “80% of success is showing up”. This takes a whole new meaning today. If you “show up” on Google and it’s search partners, when people type in the correct phrase, they will burst through your doors to snap up your offers. The secret is showing up at the right times, in front of the right people, people qualified and motivated to purchase your products or services.

Google gets searched 3.5 billion times every day. In the time it’s just taken you to read this line, 40,500 people just searched Google and clicked on somebody’s web site. 2,430,000 per minute, every minute, all day long, all night, 24/7/365. 40,500 every second. Are they finding your website, are they buying from you? They could be finding you, they should be finding you, and they will find you when you engage Cybersoft Creative set up and manage your Google Ads campaign.

Contact our experienced Google certified specialist for competitive rates and leverage search engine traffic today.

Google Ads Training

Going it alone? Not sure if your campaign is really working, or how your metrics compare with similar businesses?

Our certified Google Ads specialist can provide you with training and one-on-one Google Ads account management. Get the benefit of another perspective or just leave it to us and get back to working on your business.

Google Ads is hands on, it’s not theory. It’s real world, it’s the school of hard knocks. Make it work for you, don’t just give Google free access to your bank account. When AdWords was brand new, there were lots of inexpensive clicks, but not any more. You could find your way with inexpensive clicks, but today that strategy will burn through lots of money in a short space of time. Google is a massive business and will happily take your money.

Let me help you with a few tricks and strategies, see the results of your handiwork and watch those clicks come in.

If you’re looking for an experienced trainer and lecturer, certified in training and Google Ads, then reach out to us today.

Why Advertise with Google Ads?

Cost Effective

You only pay when someone clicks on your ad. Our management is totally transparent, with peace of mind in a fixed monthly fee and fixed monthly budget with Google.

Interested Customers

You’re reaching potential customers at their “zero moment of truth”, when they’ve made the decision to check out your service offering.

Generate Data

The powerful Google Analytics platform gives you valuable insights and market intelligence to make informed business decisions.

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