Audio Production

You can’t create a picture without sound…

If you’re looking for a soundtrack to complement your YouTube or Facebook video, corporate awards night, movie, documentary, television or radio advertisement, music video or how-to video, then contact us for a quote or an appointment to discuss your requirements.

Radio Advertising

You’re a direct client wanting a radio ad, or a digital agency needing to diversify into traditional media.
Cybersoft Creative have a sound booth and professional audio hardware and software that will make your voice over talent sing! We have editing experience born out of broadcast television that will lend your production the edge you need.

We can source talent for you, or produce your talent. We can provide creative, crafted from research and strategy, and supply a fully fledged mix bursting with sound effects and energy, guaranteed to fill the ears of your audience with acoustic goodness.

Plus, we’re fast. At 11am you discover you need it by lunchtime, well if your talent is up to it, you’ll have a full bandwidth wav file emailed or Dropboxed to your radio station of choice.

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Television Soundtracks

You might have already made your television commercial, or edited it in which case you’ll need a sound sweetening stage. We can source a number of online music libraries, audition the track with you and mixdown the audio right before your ears. Furthermore our extensive range of sound effects synced to your on screen animations will lend your commercial that cinematic feel and help achieve the impact you need.

Bespoke Audio Design

You might wish to go one stage further and have your own unique music or jingle that is “sticky” and represents your brand in a particular way. Just think of your favourite products and how many of them have a jingle. We like to think of them as musical “nursery rhymes” and music and/or vocal harmonies can definitely reinforce a brand into our psyche. Contact us to discuss your requirements, again we can source vocal talent if needed.

Digital Production

Much of today’s smartphone technology is capable of recording acceptable quality video, but when it comes to audio many people don’t extend their equipment to an external microphone and instead adopt a “that’ll do” approach. In most cases, for example a “how to” video, people will watch through the information because they want the content being supplied. However, if you’re trying to make an impression, lead a customer down a sales funnel, then putting them at ease with professionally produced audio is going to leave a much longer lasting impression.

Why do we “turn the radio down” when we’re looking for a street address, or skip to the next video because the audio is “annoying”? Most people will tolerate a sub-standard picture if the accompanying audio is good, but this is seldom the case in reverse.

If you’d like location sound for a digital production, or a post production sound for Facebook or YouTube, the contact the team at Cybersoft Creative today!

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