Television Commercials

Harness the power of television advertising

TV Advertising creates, builds and grows brands.

If you’re looking to increase your brand awareness, build credibility and start a conversation with hundreds of thousands of potential customers in seconds, then TV should be an essential part your marketing strategy.

It has been shown that digital campaigns, that is those running on social media and search platforms, achieved 60% greater ROI when combined with TV.

TV is an extremely effective storyteller – the means by which we remember, associate and identify. It is a content creator, a trusted news source, a supplier of live sport and professionally produced drama and entertainment. Content and commercials are regulated.

People watching TV are engaged, they are watching a large screen, listening to high quality sound, and tend to be in a relaxed head space. Higher rating programmes frequently achieve viewing figures in excess of 200,000 viewers.

Some business owners believe TV advertising is expensive. This isn’t necessarily the case. If you avoid peak time spots and be strategic about which programmes your audience (your target demographic) is watching, a campaign including creative can be put together for under $5000.

Our TV Commercials

Our Process

  • 1. Research

    It’s better to be different than better. What makes your product unique? Any strategy should begin with research: what are your competitors doing, are you playing to your strengths, and does the market want what you’re selling?

  • 2. Write Script

    Once we’ve identified who your audience is, we’ll craft a creative that will resonate with the pain points of your audience. A lot of advertisers list features that address external problems, but most customers buy products that provide solutions for internal problems. Throw in a good story and well… that’s show business!

  • 3. Create Content

    Depending on your budget your ad may include a complete drama sequence, lights, drones, make up, camera and action. A more modest creation can be achieved with stills or stock footage, music and a voice over. Cybersoft Creative have the experience and the contacts for virtually any scenario. We offer full colour correction and grading, if you’re an agency or marketing professional you’re more than welcome to supervise the edit and grade at our North Perth facility.

  • 4. Graphics

    Most TV advertisements require graphics, which may be simply be a carefully designed graphic promoting a specific product or sales message, all the way though to motion capture character animation and 3D. At all stages of the production process our clients and their design teams are sent draft renders for comment and update.

  • 5. Voice Over & Music

    During the creation process your TV advertisement is emailed to you with a “guide” voice and draft music if required, keeping the refinement phase as streamlined and efficient as possible. We can then record and edit professional voice overs in our in-house studio, and add music to enhance the feel of your commercial. We can even write you a custom piece of music or a catchy jingle!

  • 6. Classification & Delivery

    All TV commercials for air on free to air TV (Channel 7, Channel 9, Channel Ten, SBS, WIN and Prime7) require approval by CAD (Commercials Advice Division of FreeTV Australia). Commercials advertising goods making medical claims will be further subject to TGA approval, and medicines are subject to clearance by ASMI. You will be required to supply appropriate documentation in support of claims made in your advertising, however Cybersoft Creative will process your application with CAD. Fees and deadlines do apply which vary depending on the nature of advertised products. We also ensure your material is compliant with operational standards required by the free to air channels, e.g. audio loudness.

Why make TV Ads with Cybersoft?

Cost Effective

Our overheads are low and our skill level is high, which means lower costs for you and a better ROI for your campaign.


Cybersoft Creative have created thousands of TV commercials and have years of broadcast TV experience. This means we can achieve your required outcome effectively and efficiently.


Cybersoft Creative has a focus on both the creative and technical detail, which ensures good ads become great ads.


Cybersoft Creative has experience with working to tight broadcast deadlines, this means that if you get a good media deal today, we can potentially have your ad on air tomorrow.


Our knowledge encompasses digital platform channels (YouTube and other social media) as well as traditional media, so we can offer you an integrated and coordinated strategy for maximum effect.


We’re interested in your business so we can best serve your business. Why not schedule a consultation to see if we’re a good fit? With our no-BS approach you’ll see why hundreds of Perth businesses have trusted Cybersoft Creative.

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