Video Production

Harness the power of Video

If you need video production in Perth, we can make it happen! Cybersoft Creative can create cost-effective, professional video for upload to social media, YouTube, your own website, or for streaming to dedicated screens, corporate presentations and television broadcast.

  • Television commercials

  • Social media

  • Corporate presentations

  • Websites

  • Digital signage

Video quickly builds trust

Customers will buy from you once they know, like and trust you. If you feature in your own video you can communicate your message with eye contact, anecdotes and humour – this can be great for social media and corporate presentations. Alternatively, if jumping in front of a camera isn’t your style, we can hire local presenters and voice-over talent, or even create a video based on graphics, animation and photos.


How To Bake a Cake on YouTube or Facebook

The fact is, video empowers people. Building tiny houses, doing those little jobs around the house, fixing up the car, and of course baking that cake! People all over the globe are entertaining themselves, informing themselves and researching potential purchases.

One third of online activity is spent watching video. 64% of consumers make a purchase after watching branded social videos, and marketers who use video grow revenue 49% faster than non-video users. (Source)

If you still need convincing, 500 million (yes half a billion) people are watching video on Facebook every day (via Forbes). YouTube (owned by Google) claim similar figures.

Internet video traffic will be over 80% of all consumer internet traffic in 4 years. If you look around, how commonly do you see someone deeply engrossed in a video on their mobile device? Don’t you want them to be researching, seeking information or just entertaining themselves with content showcasing your products or services?

But what about strategy?

There is a lot more to it than just pressing record!

We believe in value first – your prospects will trust you and ultimately buy from you if you give them something valuable to help them straight away. They’ll give you an email or a phone number in exchange for a hot tip or a cheat sheet.

Engage Cybersoft Creative and you’ll get both professionally produced content, and the all-important strategy too. The art is supported by the science, you can’t afford one without the other.

People don’t buy what you do, they buy why you do it. Cybersoft Creative is not just in the business of selling advertising, or indeed creating professional, affordable content. We’re in the business of trust, achieving trust between businesses and their customers, and trust with our customers through honesty, integrity and reliability.

After all, internet video, more than 500 million hours per day of it, is keeping everybody honest!

Why make Videos with Cybersoft?

Cost Effective

Our overheads are low and our skill level is high, which means lower costs for you and a better ROI for your campaign.


Cybersoft Creative have created thousands of TV commercials and have years of broadcast TV experience. This means we can achieve your required outcome effectively and efficiently.


Cybersoft Creative has a focus on both the creative and technical detail, which ensures good ads become great ads.


Cybersoft Creative has experience with working to tight broadcast deadlines, this means that if you get a good media deal today, we can potentially have your ad on air tomorrow.


Our knowledge encompasses digital platform channels (YouTube and other social media) as well as traditional media, so we can offer you an integrated and coordinated strategy for maximum effect.


We’re interested in your business so we can best serve your business. Why not schedule a consultation to see if we’re a good fit? With our no-BS approach you’ll see why hundreds of Perth businesses have trusted Cybersoft Creative.

TV Commercials

If you have ever watched free-to-air TV in Western Australia, chances are you will have seen our commercials. We know how to make a big impact and get you the results you want.

Social Media

Views on branded video content have increased 258% on Facebook and 99% on YouTube as of June 2017. Video is an enhancement to the user experience, and many platforms offer less “algorithm resistance” to video than stills or text.
Social video generates 1200% more shares than text and images combined.


Google claim YouTube is the second most utilised search engine after Google. Many people are using YouTube for research, education or indeed just entertainment, but it is considered more a “seeker” platform and as such users tend to be more motivated to buy.

YouTube videos can be created and uploaded to a client channel for free, but the power comes from a series of videos or messages, placed as pre-roll or mid-roll via the popular Google Ads platform (formerly AdWords). A sequence of videos can be set up, taking would-be buyers though the awareness phase, consideration phase in the ubiquitous “sales funnel” approach.

Furthermore, remarketing sequences can be set up (e.g. watch Video A > Click away > see a display ad in your email later) for the keywords in the video you just watched. Clicks on these ads tend to be much cheaper (remember you only pay when someone clicks the ad). In this way you only pitch when your prospect is ready to buy.

Corporate Presentations

The production processes for online video apply equally to corporate video presentations, sales tools, process demonstrations, corporate events featuring big screens, awards nights, entertainment events and digital signage.


  • Film

    On-location film and photography

  • Editing

    Cutting together new or existing footage to tell your story

  • Script Writing

    Strategically written to have the maximum influence on your potential customers

  • Audio

    Audio production facilities for studio voice-overs, on-location sound or music production

  • Effects

    Colour correction, grading and special effects for video and photos

  • Graphics

    Graphic design to fit your brand and message

  • Animation

    Attention-grabbing motion graphics, logo reveals and characters

  • Digital

    Multi-platform digital experience

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